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Online learning has exploded over the past decade, yet it's still in its infancy. Until only recently, most online courses were 'self-paced' or 'self-directed', meaning you could start and finish them whenever you wanted. Learners would read through different modules at their own pace, watch (if they were lucky) some pre-recorded lectures, maybe fill out a quiz, and voila! A course would be 'complete'.

This type of learning is great for some who like the flexible schedule. But it's also not terribly effective. Some estimates put completion rates of self-paced courses at less than 10%.

Research has shown that learning alongside others can make it more enjoyable, rewarding, and increase the likelihood of task and course completion. There's an element of accountability when you're learning in a group, interacting with an instructor and other learners, and are expected to show up and contribute at a specific time. This is what classrooms have historically done quite well.

With the advent of video technologies like Zoom, online learning is changing and it's now possible to take live instructor-led online courses, workshops and seminars alongside like-minded individuals from around the world. No longer do you need to learn in isolation. You can now expand your knowledge more effectively while making friends in the process. Friends that share your interests and may even help push you to be your best self.

Goodlearn was built because I became fascinated with live online learning and its potential to dramatically improve how knowledge workers optimize their work and life. I couldn't find a way to easily discover and sort through the many different courses, workshops and seminars that were being launched by creators and thought-leaders from around the world, so I made a solution for myself (and hopefully for you).

Goodlearn is young and, as I mentioned, so is live online learning. We'll be continuously adding to and improving Goodlearn to best serve your needs. So please do reach out and let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve.

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